Holly Cheng

2D Concept Artist, UI Artist, and Illustrator

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University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA — BA
SEPT 2017 - JUNE 2021

Art & Design: Games and Playable Media major.
Regent Scholar. 3.95 Cumulative GPA.

Work Experience

Game Design & Art Collaboration Club Art Officer
MAY 2019 - JUNE 2021
Facilitated discussion between members to encourage collaboration.
Guided artists to improve form, anatomy, composition, design, etc.
Organized art-related lectures with relevant practice materials

Foundations of Interactive Game Design Reader/Tutor
JAN 2019 – MAR 2020
Demonstrated knowledge of tools such as Twine, Construct 3, and Bitsy.
Encouraged active group participation and analysis of game design.
Provided design feedback on student games and prototypes


Bixie — Creative Director & 2D Generalist Artist
OCT 2020 – JUNE 2021
Collaborated with a team of 13 to ensure thematic consistency.
Illustrated cutscenes mimicking traditional Chinese art styles.
Constructed themed icons, buttons, and menus for UI.
Concepted characters through 2D and 3D pipelines.
Directed narrative design and world-building.

Wood Joints — Mobile Game UI Artist
JUNE 2020 – MAR 2021
Worked closely with creative director and producer to assure quality.
Directed aesthetic style through concept art and style guides.
Created cozy café-themed icons, buttons, and menus.
Optimized UI for varying mobile devices.

Eletopia — UI/UX Artist & Character Designer
JAN 2020 – JUNE 2020
Visual Art Award from the 2020 UCSC Games Showcase.
Illustrated silly animal-themed icons, buttons, and menus.
Conceptualized humanoid animal character designs.
Designed intuitive button layouts and play spaces.

Seeds of Love — 2D Generalist Artist
DEC 2018 – JUNE 2019
Worked closely with programmers and creative director in a team of 30.
Created assets such as character art, UI, and promotional posters.
Established style guides for stylistic consistency among artists.

Get That Girl! — Game Lead and Creative Director
JAN 2018 – MAR 2018
Demonstrated knowledge of Twine, HTML/CSS, and storytelling.
Displayed emotional vulnerability and LGBTQ+ experiences.
Selected to participate in UCSC’s 2018 Games Showcase.

Dim Sum — Game Lead and Creative Director
SEPT 2017 – DEC 2017
Designed layouts, characters, and aesthetics for a physical card game.
Developed mood boards, storyboards, rulebooks, and card designs.
Established wireframes and game design documents.

Caged Bird — Director and Animator
AUG 2016 – JUNE 2017
Directed and animated a 60 second PSA about Chinese mental health.
Involved character design, storyboards, lip syncs, and video editing.
Acknowledged intersectionality between race and mental health.

2D Applications

Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator for designs and illustrations.

Aseprite for pixel sprites and animation.

Toon Boom Studio 8, Animate Pro, and Storyboard Pro for animation and storyboards.

Watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, and clay for traditional illustrations.

3D Applications

Z-Brush for sculptures.

Blender for box models, sculptures, and retopology.

Substance Painter and Photoshop for textures.

Additional Skills

Wireframing and scriptwriting
Web and graphic designing
Producing and organizing

Color theory and lighting
Flexible art style
Environment art


UCSC Games Showcase — Visual Art Award for Eletopia

Walt Disney Family Museum Teen Animation Festival International — Most Creative (Festival Award), First Place (PSA Category) for Caged Bird

National Academy of Television Arts and Science — First Place National Student Production Awards (Animation Graphics & Special Effects Category) for Caged Bird

Directing Change — First Place (Through the Lens of Culture, Mental Health Matters) for Caged Bird

California State Fair — Best of Class (Student Showcase - Art - Video Division) for Caged Bird